Episode 5: Treading Water (Lauren Tininenko)

september 19, 2019

Lauren Tininenko is a competitive swimmer who loves a challenge. Lauren first told her story at our ‘Waves’ live show in February, recounting one of the most intense swims she has taken on. Follow her as she navigates China’s open water, to be the first foreigner to swim the Qiongzhou Strait, a 25 kilometers swim from China’s mainland to Hainan Island. Lauren’s story is a rollercoaster, filled with tension, hilarity, and the memorable characters she met along the way.

Full Transcription of Episode 5


Photos (from left to right): Lauren as a baby (already in the water!) in Australia (1994), on the swim team in Arkansas (2002), on the swim from South Mainland China to Hainan Island (2018), with Panda (2018), completing the Hainan swim (2018), in the pre-show storyteller huddle (2019), telling her story at our ‘Waves” show (2019).

Listen to Lauren’s episode (available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Himalaya and Google Play) then you can hear her full story from our ‘Waves’ 2019 live show.

Show Notes: Shuǐ is Chinese for water, méiyŏu shuǐ means I don’t have water, zěnme shuō is how do you say? Hainan is an island province of China and the nation’s southernmost point, it is known at the ‘Hawaii of China.’